Wilmington NC

The buildings and habror of historic Wilmington NC. Also, nearby Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, and Wrighstville Beach.
IMG 2948  We visited historic Wimington NC in September 2015. These are some items for sale along the Wilmington River Walk. IMG 2950  Up to WWII, Wilmington was a major port. IMG 2943  Tour boat and a glimpse across the harbor to the Battleship  USS North Carolina. IMG 2953  Palmetto tree and anchor.
IMG 2944  An "apartment house" for purple martins. IMG 2945  Lovely pampas grass (thanks to botanist Steven Hill for identifying it) in a riverwalk garden. IMG 2946  Pampas grass, native to Argentenia and now popular in Southern US gardens. IMG 2947  Riverwalk.
IMG 2956  Battleship USS North Carolina. IMG 2959  Church steeple across 3rd Street from our B&B. IMG 2975  Dunes at Kure Beach. IMG 2960  Kure Beach.
IMG 2961  Kure Beach fishing pier - a welcome shady respite on a 96 degree F day! IMG 2962  Shore birds gather at a bit of food. IMG 2965  Bathing beauty on Kure Beach. IMG 2969  There were small mackerel and flounder in the water.
IMG 2970  Kure Beach southward to the point. IMG 2971  And north towards Carolina Beach. IMG 2973  A Kure Beach fishing pier resident. IMG 2974  Carolina Beach boardward, land side.
IMG 3034  Views of beautiful houses and histroc buildings in Wilmington. Taken from a moving tour trolley, so please excuse the poor composition. IMG 3035 IMG 3036 IMG 3037
IMG 3038 IMG 3039 IMG 3040 IMG 3041
IMG 3042 IMG 3043 IMG 3044 IMG 3045
IMG 3046 IMG 3047 IMG 3048 IMG 3049
IMG 3050 IMG 3051 IMG 3052 IMG 3053
IMG 3054 IMG 3055 IMG 3056 IMG 3057
IMG 3058  A synagogue. In Moorish design. Note the crescent moon in the window above the door. (Try and find an islamic temple with a Star of David.) IMG 3059 IMG 3060 IMG 3061
IMG 3062 IMG 3063 IMG 3064 IMG 3065
IMG 3066 IMG 3067 IMG 3068 IMG 3069
IMG 3070 IMG 3071 IMG 3072 IMG 3073
IMG 3074 IMG 3075 IMG 3076 IMG 3077
IMG 3078  Former slave quarters (and also the stable). IMG 3079 IMG 3080 IMG 3081  The remaining slides were taken from a harbor cruise boat, which was a former liberty boat from the USS North Carolina.
IMG 3082  Battleship USS North Carolina. IMG 3083  Coast Guard Cutter. IMG 3084 IMG 3085  Elevator-type drawbridge. Built after the USS North Carolina was taken upstream on the Cape Fear River. It would not allow the battleship to pass otherwise.
IMG 3086  A pair of harbor tugs. Today the harbor handles containers, petroleum products and chipped or pelletized wood. In old days it handles rice, corn, and wooden ship naval stores. IMG 3087  Wood chips. They'll go overseas and retuen as particle board. IMG 3088  Container cranes laoding a container ship. During WWII numerous Liberty Ships were launched here. IMG 3089  After the hold is filled through opened hatches (providing ballast) containers are stacked topside.
IMG 3090  Cran operator's cab. IMG 3091  These inflated speheres were then sprayed with concrete from the inside to make the permanent. They're 17 stories high and each contains about a million tons of pelletized wood that will be shipped to France and Germany to be used as home furnace fuel to reduce dependency on oil. IMG 3092  The riverwalk.