Scicli and Noto - 2018

Scicli (pronounced sheek-ly) is one of the UNESCO-listed Baroque towns of south-east Sicily, but it is rather off-the-beaten-track compared with its more visited neighbors Noto, Ragusa and Modica. Noto is known for baroque architecture, including the reconstructed 18th-century Noto Cathedral, the Palazzo Ducezio, now the town hall, with the Hall of Mirrors, and the Palazzo Nicolaci with richly decorated balconies. Resembling a triumphal arch, the 19th-century Porta Reale marks the entrance to the city.
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Scicli is a flat town! With a local flea market on Sunday! Ruth's on it!
"Sports car" based on a Fiat 600cc.
One feature not on the flat, this probably unused church.