As we landscape our yard.
IMG 2640 IMG 2641 IMG 2643 IMG 2645
IMG 2690 IMG 2703  Ruth plants moss plugs in teh clay of our yard. IMG 2705  She cleverly uses a piece of lattice as a decorative anchor. IMG 2706  Ruth gahtered the moss from our own woods. This would be worth over $20 from the landscaper!
IMG 2707  I gathered and spread pine needles as temporaty ground cover. IMG 2708  We took out two diseased, ivy-choked hemlocks and a scrup oak that was hanging over the garage, to open up the terrace garden. IMG 2709  The brush will be chipped and the mulch used. IMG 2710  The crappy, leaning, falling-apart terrace wall made of concrete mold tailings will eventually be replaced.