Kitchen Remodel

Start to finish of our kitchen remodel. Done for under $8K.
IMG 2624  Boxed cabinets arrive. We used Asheville Kitchens and Baths, Inc. and we can give Suzie Turner, Owner, our highest recommendation. (; 828-253-4608; 1051 Haywood Rd., Asheville NC 28806) Not the very lowest price, but close. And the lowest priced vendor wouldn't provide any references, directly or indirectly and flunked badly on Angie's List, but AKBI had raves on Angie's List. IMG 2625  And counertops, etc. IMG 2626  Ruth clears stored items out. Note narrow drawers, inassessible wall cabinets, dead space at right end. It had been worse. Old refrigerator was against the wall to her right butting up against stove and door open space was also dead. IMG 2627  Dead space and silly narrow cabinet.
IMG 2628  Stupid sink base that was supposed to be a cabinet. Hard to get at anything and enormous waste of space. IMG 2629  Reasy to install! IMG 2630  It's a start. Sink will now be centered. IMG 2631  Progress.
IMG 2632  All done except for the wall cabinets. IMG 2637  Ruth is pleased. But working hard to store things. IMG 2634  Big John Fissel, our wonderful installer. Wall work to be done. IMG 2633  Big John Fissel, our wonderful installer. Wall work to be done.
Ruth and Mathilda  Ruth and Mathilda model the kitchen, ringing the dinner triangle. IMG 2732  Almost done. There will be a piece of urethaned finished plywood between the sink backsplash and pass-through window, I will urethane the wood atop the half-wall, and a 3-inch wide 12-inch high cabinet will be added to the left of the corner cabinet above the freezer door's swing. IMG 2733 IMG 2734
IMG 2735