Banjo 18/07/17

Banjo for sale.
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This banjo and kit of everything needed plus spares is for sale. It's a $675 value, priced at only $575. It was purchased in December 2016. I have to give up…
This is the case, by Stone.
Here's the banjo with leather strap, Shubb 5th string capo and Snark tuner on portable take-down stand.
Snark tuner.
Banjo is a German-made Gretch Broadkaster Special. It has a tone ring, resonator and forearm rest. An American-made banjo without tone ring, resonator or…
Schubb 5th string capo.
Leather strap, resenator, tone ring and forearm rest.
Folding take-down music stand.
Spare nylon strap, Extra accoustic tuner with pickup jack, metronome, neck capo, extra set of strings, and two sets of finger picks. One pick set is copper…