Albuquerque Biological Park
ABQ Biopark is a combined botanical garden, aquarium and zoo in this city of between 5,000 and 6,000 feet of elevation that we were able to visit (with Moxie) very briefly on our 2019 Thanksgiving trip drive of over 1,800 each way miles.
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IMG 20191125 152442
Ruth with Moxie at a lovely park mosaic.
IMG 20191125 154628
The aquarium had tank windows placed low enough for children, and Moxie, to use. Moxie was fascinated by the fish.
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IMG 20191125 152144
A model train and scenery setup in the garden.
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IMG 20191125 145304
At this altitude in November, there were no garden blooms. But the mostly shrub Japanese Garden was lovely.
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IMG 20191125 145629
river otter
River otters, once nearly extinct in the region, are making a comeback. It's fortunate, because they feast upon some invasive fish species.